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Regel præcisering

Written 17 gennaio 2020 20:47
Regel præcisering.I alle rækker spilles der med 'børne 3'er'. Alle skoringer udenfor 3-sec feltet giver 3 point.I U9 skydes straffe med ca. 3 meter til kurven.I U11 skydes straffe med ca. 4 meter til kurven.I U13 skydes der straffes med voksen afstand.

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Written 17 gennaio 2020 20:46
In all age groups scoring outside the 3-sec field is considered a 3-point scoring.In U9 free throw is taken with 3-meter to the basket.In U11 free throw is taken with 4-meter to the basket. In U13 free throw is taken from normal FIBA distance. Read more